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Chainwire is a woven wire fabric made from galvanised steel wire or PVC coated steel wire.  The PVC coating can usually black or green in colour.  The fabric is generally wound into rolls.

The wire is woven into a zigzag pattern to form the diamond pattern on fence panel.

Chainwire is also known or called chainlink, wire-mesh fencing, diamond fencing, Cyclone fencing, or wire netting.

How to choose the right chainwire

Chainwire is manufactured to different specifications depending on what it is being used for.  The specifications differ depending on:

Thickness of the wire

The wire gauge can vary between 2.24mm to 4.00mm.  The thinner wire is used in light duty or temporary applications whereas heavy duty applications such as cricket nets need a thicker wire gauge in the finished mesh.

Wire finish 

Steel wire finish - Heavily galvanised / Black or green PVC coated.

Top and bottom of the wire roll

Chainwire rolls can be knuckled at both ends or knuckled one end and barbed the other.

Height of the chainwire roll

Height of the chainwire varies from 450mm to 3600mm (normally 300mm increments between 600 and 2400mm high) and ranging in the length of the roll (8m, 10m, or 15m)

Diamond size / appeture

Appeture Size is the size of the link spacing or the diamond spacing between the woven wire.  The standard height for most chainwire is 50mm but this can vary between 25mm to 60mm. 

Roll Size

Chainwire comes in rolls usually 8m, 10m or 15m long.  The size of the roll depends on the weight of the completed rolls.  Rolls with thinner wire and a smaller height are normally 15 metres whereas rolls with increased height and heavier wire are reduced in size to limit their weight.

Playsafe Fencing manufactures chainwire fencing in Minto in the Campbelltown-Macarthur area near Sydney.  Playsafe Fencing manufactures chainwire in standard stock sizes using various wire gauges from 2.24mm to 4.00mm. We stock standard sized rolls ranging from 450mm high to 3600mm high as well as make to order chainwire for special applications. 

Chainwire Applications

Chainwire can be used for a wide range of applications including factory fencing, guard rails barriers, domestic fencing, tennis courts, baseball dugouts and a range of sporting applications, pallet enclosures.  

Chainwire offers a flexible and cost effective solution to protecting your sporting, domestic or industrial property.  Chainwire is an excellent choice for fencing both commercial and domestic applications. It is economical, flexible and transparent which makes it a perfect solution for fencing enclosures, sporting applications, bushland, undulating land and longer distances.

Chainwire Fencing

Chainwire Image Gallery

Chainwire Fence Gallery 

Black PVC ChainwireBlack PVC Chainwire

Chainwrire Galvanised - Barbed endChainwrire Galvanised - Barbed end

 Chainwire Galvanised - Knuckled endChainwire Galvanised - Knuckled end