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General Fencing Questions 

Q.  How do I choose my fence?

A.  The type or style of your fence will depend on its purpose or the reason you need a fence.

Q.  Why do I need a fence?

 A.  The main reason people erect fences is for safety security or style of the property.  The purpose of your fence may be to provide better privacy, reduce noise, better security, to keep children or pets in a safe environment, to provide a safety barrier around a pool, to divide the property between neighbouring properties, to provide a safe storage area or divide a space of any kind. 

Q.  How high should my fence be?

A.  The height of fence can generally range from 900mm high to 3600mm high but the height of your fence depends on what it is being used for.  A safety barrier around a pool generally needs to be 1200 high; a tennis court fence could be 3000mm high or 3600mm high.  The fence between residential properties is normally between 1500 and 1800mm high.  The height of a school security fence is normally 2100m high.

Q.  What materials should I choose for my fence?

A.  The material that is used for your fence is a combination of the style or look you would like to achieve, the purpose of the fence, legislative requirements and the budget.  

If you need a fence around your pool, the Australian Standards govern the specifications of your fence and this could limit the look or the materials you use.  If you live in a fire prone area the type of fence could be limited by the local Council to be Colorbond because it is fire proof.  If you need a fence around your tennis court a chainwire fence may be the best option to provide a high boundary and to keep the balls in your court and allow spectators to view the action.  if you are fencing a school a 2100mm high tubular picket fence is a durable, long lasting and highly secure option.

Q.  Where should my fence be located?

A.  Where to place the the fence line for your fencing project may need to consider the legal boundary of the property, and any obstacles such as the natural environment like rocks and cliff edges and existing barriers like existing side fences or gates and the access to the fenced area. 

How can Playsafe Fencing help Questions

Q.  Does Playsafe Fencing make non standard or custom made fencing?

A.  Yes Playsafe Fencing manufactures make to order items to suit a specific location.  This can include  non-standard panels with different heights and lengths, raked panels, panels that are sloped on one side and any odd shaped panel need to fit a specific space.

Q.  Does Playsafe Fencing have standard fence panels in stock?

A.  Yes we stock standard panels in flat top aluminium in Satin Black.  Colorbond fence panels are in stock in most popular colours and styles.  We also stock a range of panels on other styles and sizes but it is wise to call the branch and check what is available. 

Q.  Does Playsafe Fencing provide a warranty on fencing products and installation?

A.  Yes. For complete customer satisfaction, Playsafe Fencing provides warranty on our manufactured items, and our installation.  Our Metroll Colorbond fences have a ten year warranty guaranteed by Bluescope.  Please contact us for more details.


Q.  What is the difference between: Chain-link Fabric & Chain Wire Mesh?

A.  There is no difference - they both refer to the same thing.  Chainwire mesh is also know as Cyclone Mesh, Cyclone Wire, Tennis Court Mesh, Chain Wire or Chain Mesh 


Q.  What size is a Colorbond panel?

A.  A standard size panel of Metroll Colorbond is 2400 wide and 1800 high.  Each standard panel consists of 2 posts - 2400 high; 2 rails - 2370 long and 3 sheets - 1790 high by 830 wide.

Q.  How high is a Colorbond Fence?

A.  The  standard heights available are 1500, 1800 and 2100 high.     

Q.  Does Playsafe Fencing have Colorbond fencing in stock?

A.  Yes, Playsafe Fencing has a wide range of standard colours and standard sizes of sheets, rails and posts to make your Colorbond fence.  Special orders and odd sizes need to be made to order.

Q.  What colours are a Colorbond Fence?

A.  There is a wide range of colours for the Colorbond Fencing colours, however please note that not all the Colorbond colours are available in the fencing range.   Click here for a list of the colours available.

Q.  Can I install Colorbond fencing myself?

A.  Yes, directions of how you can install a colorbond fence yourself can be found on our Colorbond pages

Tubular Fencing - Steel and Aluminium

Q.  Does Playsafe Fencing make tubular steel fencing?

A.  Tubular steel fencing is manufactured at our factory in Minto in Campbelltown/Macarthur area and made exactly to size to accommodate your project requirements. Playsafe Fencing offers a vast range of tubular fencing designs for you to choose from. Tubular fencing compliments both commercial and domestic applications and can be used to secure an office, factory, childcare centre, schools and swimming pools. This type of fencing can be powder coated in a wide range of colours.