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Colorbond - Steel Fencing

Playsafe Fencing stocks and resells steel Colorbond fencing supplied by Metroll and Bluescope Lysaght.
Please contact our Minto Peakhurst or Caringbah branches to check availability and prices.                                                                       

How to chose your Colorbond fencing

When choosing your colorbond fence you need to consider the fence profile and colour.  The profile of the fence sheets is the folded pattern of the metal fencing sheet.  The most common style are "old style" and "new style". 

Old Style

The old style refers MetTrim sheets which is the traditional profile with long flat valleys followed by the short peaks.  When this sheet is viewed from the other side the valleys are short and the peaks are  long and flat.  

New Style

The new style MetZag is the newer profile and is a zigzig sheet that looks the same from either side of the fence. 


Metroll also makes a sheet MetLine that is the same both sides and has a pattern similar to a traditional timber lapped fence.


The next important element in chosing your colorbond fence is to chose the colour.  Click here to look at the standard colour range for Colorbond fencing.  Please note that fencing material is not available in all the colorbond colours.  For example the range of colorbond colours for roofing is a wider range compared to the fencing range.

We stock a wide range of popular styles, colours and sizes.  Click here to see the brochure for Metroll fencing profiles.  Colorbond fencing can be a DYI project - click here on how to install your new colorbond fencing.